Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

World Cerebral Palsy Day was...yesterday.  But, such is my life, I always seem to be a little late to the game.  I've known for awhile that it was coming up on September 4, but I just didn't plan my day well enough to post on time.  So in honor of World Cerebral Palsy Day, and in honor of Wade and everyone else out there with CP, here's an awesome video that I first saw on a blog I follow, Unexpected Lessons.

After I shared the video with Curtis, he asked me what I would have told myself on the day Wade was born; the day our lives were turned upside down.  You're a lot stronger than you ever imagined you could be.  My words to Curtis would have been, You'll make new dreams.  What would Curtis have told me, knowing what we know now?  You're gonna do awesome!

The journey isn't always easy, and it's certainly filled with many obstacles, but this life--raising a child with cerebral palsy--is the most fulfilling ride I've ever been on.  It's changed me in ways I never imagined and I look forward to all the wonderful and amazing experiences it's going to bring.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest