Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Wade is having a blast playing t-ball.  We've had games three Saturdays now, including a double header last Saturday.  Those little players were certainly worn out by the time it was all said and done!  We've been using a little trial and error to determine the best and easiest equipment to use while on the field.  The KidWalk gait trainer is my favorite because it allows Wade to be in a standing position.  When the fans are cheering, his little feet just start moving.  He doesn't go anywhere, but you can tell he sure would like to!

Unfortunately, by the end of the game, Wade is a little tired and cranky from standing in it.  It's a good thing we have options.

When Wade gets tired, sitting in his wheelchair does wonders for his mood.  When he's in his wheelchair, he doesn't have to work as hard, and he can relax a little.  The problem with the wheelchair is it is a bit front/top heavy with the small front casters and big rear wheels.  (we're in the process of finding a solution)  There's also a hole on first base line in the grass that you really can't see.  We've had a few near misses and close face plants!  But a few scrapes and bruises are good for the soul, right?

This past Saturday, we decided to try his adaptive stroller in place of his wheelchair when he was tired of the KidWalk.  I think this is a pretty good option because of the stability and ease of pushing.

My dear friend also volunteered her son to be Wade's t-ball buddy.  Elliot graciously agreed:-)  He's so kind and good with Wade.  But he has good practice since he's a wonderful older brother to two siblings.  It means a lot that he's willing to give up his Saturday mornings to help us.

Wade also has his fair share of fans.  I've talked about our neighborhood family before, and several neighbors have shown up to cheer Wade from the sidelines.  Of course his uncle and grandparents have been in the stands as well.  We are so amazingly blessed to have such a great support system.  It makes "stepping outside of the box" with Wade a little bit easier.  

Last Tuesday, instead of practice, we had to meet for team pictures.  Afterwards, we went to a local pizza place for dinner.  I took a change of clothes for Wade, but when I asked him if he wanted to change, he shook his head no.  When we asked if he wanted to stay in his baseball uniform, he raised his eyebrows and "nodded" his head--his sign for "yes".  I'm glad I listened to him because as we were finishing up, the family of one of Wade's teammates walked in, and the little boy was still dressed in his uniform.  I heard him say, "Mom, I want to go tell Wade hi!"  My heart about leaped out of my chest at the confirmation that Wade was accepted.  This little boy came over and held up his hand to give Wade a high five.  I helped Wade slap his hand as he giggled and grinned.  The little boy went back and said, "Wade gave me a high five!"  And this, my friends, is what it's all about.  Community.  Acceptance.  Friendship.