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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spreading the 3e Love

About a year and a half ago or so, a friend introduced me to a company called 3e Love. I immediately fell in love with the wheelchair heart symbol which Annie and Stevie Hopkins trademarked as the International Symbol of Acceptance. I think the symbol itself speaks volumes, but the message behind the symbol--embrace, educate, and empower--is powerful.

"3E Love is more than living disabled but is simply about living. Everyone has the freedom to live their life. We challenge you to do what you love, because you'll meet some amazing people along the way, and that, our friends, is how you'll enjoy this ride that 3E Love calls, life.

Embrace diversity. Educate your community. Empower each other. Love life."
- 3E Love Founder, Annie Hopkins (1984-2009)

Sadly, Annie passed away before 3E Love became such a success. Thankfully, her brother Stevie stepped up to the plate to continue their plan and fulfill their dreams of spreading awareness and their symbol. Curtis, Wade and I had the pleasure of meeting Stevie and his mom this past fall at the Abilities Expo in Houston. It was such an honor to meet them and thank Stevie in person for the amazing work he is doing. The wheelchair heart symbol has become such a part of our lives, and the message has significantly impacted our outlook on Wade's life.
In an effort to honor Annie, Stevie declared January 20 as International Day of Acceptance.
We spread our 3E Love and got family members in on the action as well!

Cousins Annabelle and Willow in North Carolina

Nonnie in Hampton, VA--I'm very proud of her self-photography skills:-)

Aunt Jordan in Richmond, VA
Wade and me in Fort Worth, TX
If you'd like to "wear your heart on your sleeve", 3E Love apparel and other items can be purchased here.  If you'd like to stay on top of this amazing awareness campaign, "like" them on Facebook and see what others are saying.  Stevie often shares coupon codes to the store this way as well!


Curtis said...

love it..

kelly in TX said...

Great photos! Love it, too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Wish I had a picture of everyone wearing them together.