Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This morning, as usual, I was in a rush to get Wade to therapy. I then had to rush to make a doctor's appointment for myself. I'm ALWAYS rushing, but never feel like I'm ever getting anywhere. The only thing I'm gaining is more stress. In the doctor's office, they had placed out a flyer about joy. I thought it was perfect considering the rush of my morning. I thought I'd share as a reminder to everyone that we need to slow down and enjoy life more.

Eight Ways to Restore Your Joy

~ Stop! Be still! Relax! Pray! Meditate!
~ Count your blessings. Start now!
~ Dance as if you were a star; particularly if you have no rhythm.
~ Give the gift of a smile. After all, it's free.
~ Give yourself a simple reward for each small victory.
~ Sing your favorite song loudly; even if you're off key.
~ Laugh 'til your belly hurts; especially if it's not funny.
~ Wrestle negative thoughts to the ground with positive ones.

Take the time to discover your joy for life!



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