Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Irony

Above is the view I have from my favorite spot on the couch. It's the backside of my coffee table. Thankfully it's the side that's really not visible from anywhere else in the room. The sad part is, even when the house is spotless, this little space remains this same cluttered mess. It's very symbolic of the chaos in my life. I feel like it's such a representation of everything that is going on in my head--so many thoughts and feelings and on going lists of things to do just kind of shoved to the side and haphazardly placed as I try to move on throughout the day.

If you take a close up look of what's smack dab in the middle of the pile, you'll see the irony.  Two books about organization--"Unclutter Your Life in One Week!!" and "ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life"!  Why am I not surprised?


jocalyn said...'re not alone :)

Holly said...

Same here. I think we all have our spots!

Kelly in TX said...

Hehehe! Love it! But relate to it . . . so I hate it! :)