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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun at VLM

Today we ventured out and visited The Virginia Living Museum. Wade had such an amazing time looking at the fish as they swam up to the glass, right next to his face! 

After that, we were able to get up close and personal with some crabs, starfish, and horse shoe crabs.  I was quite impressed that Wade attempted to touch everything without pulling back.  He tends to have some pretty big sensory issues with certain textures. 

I think our very favorite part of the day--well, my favorite part anyway--was the butterfly exhibit.  Wade was so excited and interested in seeing these beautiful, fluttering insects all around him.  We even managed to get a few to land on him. 

Wade even tried to touch the butterfly himself.  His first modality when trying to touch something is his head.  So, he bent his head down to touch it.  It almost looks as if he's trying to kiss it!

Besides Curtis getting reprimanded for taking a flash picture in the planetarium and fussed at for trying to pick up one of the "not so friendly" butterflies, we had a pretty fantastic afternoon!  Wade even got to hang out in a turtle shell and fly through the air like a butterfly.  He had so much fun that he requested many times, "Do again."  Of course others may not understand what he's saying because he leaves off the initial sounds, but we know what he means:-)


I can't wait to see what other adventures are ahead of us while visiting Nonnie and Grandpa.  I'm sure whatever we do, it will be full of smiles and laughter.  One thing's for sure.  The weather here is so much more bearable than the Texas heat we left! 


Kelly in TX said...

yay! What a fun day! You got some great photos and Wade had an awesome time just being a kid! I love it!!

Lindsay said...

That looks like so much fun! <3

Curtis said...

We had so much fun!

Sandra said...

This made me smile!!! :-)

Unknown said...

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