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Monday, May 10, 2010

And so it begins...

I've been off the blogging scene for almost two years now.  I went through and deleted all of my old posts, but I kept the ones that pertained to Wade.  I figure today is a good day to start recording our journey again because things are definitely changing.  Starting with our first meeting to enroll for PPCD.

Our first meeting was scheduled for today at 1:00 with Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD.  We still are not 100% that Wade will attend PPCD in the fall, but I want to make sure I've researched all of our options in order to make the best decision.  Since he turns 3 next Saturday, we have to get the ball rolling.  Technically he can start school the day he turns 3, but since it's the end of the school year, we're definitely opting to wait until fall to begin.

Things did not start out on a very good foot.  When the diagnostician came out to greet us, she told us that we were supposed to have brought Wade with us.  Well, when I asked over the phone if there was anything we needed to bring to the meeting, she should've told me at that point!  She said she assumed I would've known to bring him.  First of all, even though I'm a special education teacher and I've sat in tons of ARDs,  I've never had my own child go through the process.  Second of all, it was never explained to me that this particular meeting was for evaluations.  I thought it was for all the adults to discuss plans for Wade and evaluations would come later.  After that little mishap was cleared up, we decided to proceed with the evaluations we could do without him.  We now have to take him back Thursday morning so he can be assessed by the OT, PT, and speech therapist.  Our ARD is now scheduled for this Friday at 3:15.

And so it begins.  Our official start to the world of special education in the public school system.  I have to honestly say, I'm NOT ready for this!

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